Custom Shutters in Hilton Head Island, SC

Classic & Timeless Style

Why choose shutters for your windows?

Elevate your home’s allure with the timeless elegance of custom shutters from Made in the Shade – Hilton Head. Interior window shutters enhance your home’s curb appeal, while interior shutter offerings transcend style. Expertly crafted, these insulating marvels foster an inviting ambiance while optimizing energy efficiency, ultimately increasing your property’s value.

Bid farewell to fruitless searches – our esteemed specialists await to guide you through our premium selections, meticulously customized to your unique vision. Embrace elevated living with Made in the Shade Hilton Head.

Real Wood Shutters

Selecting wood shutters gives your space a timeless appeal. Choose from various stain finishes and louver sizes to make your windows stand out.

Composite Shutters

Install composite or vinyl shutters in Hilton Head, and you’ll enjoy long-lasting durability. The material withstands moisture and UV rays and is easy to clean.

Faux Wood Shutters

Enjoy the look of real wood at a more affordable price. Faux wood shutters feature realistic wood grain and resist damage from environmental elements.


How can shutters be the right window covering for your home or office? Hilton Head residents love these products because of the following features:
  • Safe operation: Unlike blinds, shutters have no hazardous cords that endanger rambunctious children or pets.
  • Light control: It’s a myth that shutters don’t let enough light in. Choose large louvers, and you’ll have superior visibility outside your window.
  • Long-lasting materials: Authentic wood shutters are fairly durable, while vinyl and faux wood shutters last even longer, thanks to their moisture resistance.
  • Versatility: If you have odd-shaped windows, consider getting shutters in Hilton Head. We can customize our products to fit any window.

Are you struggling to find window shutters near you? Look no further than Made in the Shade – Hilton Head. We offer a range of shutters in Hilton Head, South Carolina, and extend our service to Savannah, Georgia.

Contact us today to reap the many benefits of our window shutters. Use our online form or call (912) 430-0044 to schedule your free consultation.