Shutters and Home Value What's the Connection

Shutters and Home Value: What’s the Connection?

Adding high-quality shutters can greatly improve your home’s appearance and resale value. Here’s what you need to know about how different types of shutters impact home value.

Do Shutters Increase Home Value?

Yes, adding well-designed shutters tends to boost home value. Here are some of the main ways shutters can increase your home’s worth:

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Curb Appeal

Shutters give your home instant visual appeal. They add character and visual interest to the otherwise flat exterior. This makes your home more enticing to potential buyers. 

Shutters that fit the architectural style of your home can make it stand out on the street. This increased curb appeal often translates into a higher sale price.


Shutters protect from the elements year-round—closed shutters shield windows from hot summer sunlight, stormy wind and rain, and more. 

Having functional shutters shows buyers your home offers security during extreme weather. It’s a practical feature that adds value.

Architectural Detail

Shutters are an architectural detail that enhances the look of any home style. They beautifully attractively frame windows.

Shutters demonstrate quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, especially if real wood is used. This signals that care was taken during construction or renovations.

Energy Efficiency

Shutters can cut heating and cooling costs. Closing shutters over windows provides insulation against cold and heat. 

This increased energy efficiency saves homeowners money over time. It’s a selling point for eco-conscious buyers.

Noise Reduction

Shutters can dampen outside noise when closed. This provides a quieter indoor environment.

Buyers may be willing to pay more for a home with shutters that help block unwanted noise from roads, neighborhoods, etc.


Angled shutters can increase privacy when closed. This adds value for buyers who desire more seclusion.


Shutters can deter break-ins and vandalism when closed. The added security provides peace of mind for homeowners.

What Types of Shutters Add the Most Value?

Certain styles and materials tend to boost home value more than others:

Wood Shutters

Real wood shutters add more perceived value than synthetic shutter materials like vinyl, composite, and faux wood. Real wood conveys quality craftsmanship and artisanship. And it can be repainted.

Operable Shutters 

Functional shutters that close over windows add more value than non-working, decorative shutters. Being able to close shutters shows they provide real weather protection and insulation.

Matching Shutters

All shutters on the home match in style and color, creating a cohesive look. This coordinated aesthetic has greater appeal than mismatched shutters.

Proportional Shutters

Shutters should be proportional to the windows they flank. Custom-sized shutters that properly fit the windows look best. Avoid mini shutters.

Larger Shutters

Larger shutters add more visual impact and value. Full-height shutters spanning the windows make more of a statement than small accents.

Color Coordinated Shutters

Shutters look best when their color complements the home. Matching the trim color is one classic option. But bold colors like black, navy, or wine red can coordinate beautifully while adding drama.

High-Quality Materials

Shutters made of durable, high-end materials like real wood, aluminum, or top-grade composite add the most value. Avoid flimsy vinyl or plastic shutters.

Careful Installation

Proper installation matters. Shutters should be anchored securely and aligned properly on the home. Poor installation can reduce the value added.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shutters

1. How much value do shutters add to a home?

On average, attractive new wood or high-end composite shutters can increase a home’s value by approximately 1.5% to 3%. So, for a $300,000 home, that could mean adding $4,500 to $9,000 in resale value or more. 

Higher quality materials, operable design, and meticulous installation add more value.

Shutters look best on classically styled homes like Colonials, Cottages, Victorians, and Farmhouses. But with the right design and materials, shutters can complement Craftsman, Ranches, Mid-Century Modern homes, and some contemporary styles. A design expert can provide style-specific guidance.

Proper shutter size depends on the window dimensions. As a general rule, shutters should be one-half the window’s width. The height should equate to the full window height. Measuring carefully ensures a proportional fit.

Determine the Best Shutters for Maximizing Your Home’s Value

do shutters increase home value

Attractive, high-quality shutters can increase curb appeal, weather protection, architectural detail, and energy efficiency. But to maximize the value boost, choose shutters suited to your home’s style and color scheme. 

Carefully installed wood or composite shutters in a matching or complementing color tend to add the most value. Contact a shutter professional to discuss custom options tailored to your home. With the optimal design and materials, you can increase functionality and gain thousands back when you sell.  Reach out to a shutter expert like Made in the Shade Hilton Head today to start planning value-boosting shutter solutions for your Hilton Head area home. The right shutters can make a huge difference in aesthetics and resale value.