Shutters for Sliding Glass Doors: Options and Considerations

Shutters for Sliding Glass Doors: Options and Considerations

Sliding glass doors are an attractive way to bring light into the home while providing easy access to outdoor spaces. Shutters provide privacy, protection from elements, and aesthetic appeal and can add dimension to a sliding door’s visual aesthetics. When selecting shutters for sliding glass doors, there are various factors to consider. Here are a few considerations when making this selection decision.

Interior vs. Exterior Shutters

You have two choices when installing shutters for your sliding doors: interior shutters provide privacy and light control while adding decorative flair; exterior shutters add protection from weather elements and security benefits.

Interior shutters are often lightweight and contain materials like faux wood, vinyl, or fabric. These interior shutters don’t need to be weatherproofed for durability or longevity, so their material and style choices can be more flexible. Interior shutters can also be easily opened or shut for privacy or light control as needed.

Exterior shutters are constructed from weather-resistant materials like wood, composite, and vinyl and are designed to protect windows and doors from storms, intense sunlight, and intruders. Securely attached to a home’s exterior, these shutters cannot be opened or closed easily. 

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Shutter Styles for Sliding Doors

Several shutter styles can work well for sliding glass doors:

Plantation shutters

These elegant shutters feature adjustable horizontal louvers that tilt to control light and privacy. Plantation shutters are available in wood and faux wood materials. They have a timeless style suitable for any home.

Board and batten shutters

Board and batten shutters consist of vertical boards connected by horizontal battens. This style has a clean, rustic look. They can be made of wood or composite materials.

Bahama shutters

Bahama shutters are mounted above the door frame and angled downward for partial shade. This style allows light in while blocking direct sunlight. They are commonly constructed of wood or vinyl.

Accordion shutters

Accordion shutters fold into an accordion shape when fully opened. They provide a modern, unobstructed view when open. When closed, the stacked panels offer privacy. These are typically made of aluminum or vinyl.

Key Considerations

Here are some important factors to weigh when selecting shutters:

Privacy Level

Consider how much privacy is needed. Shutters with adjustable louvers or panels allow custom privacy control.

Light control

Assess the amount of light control desired. Shutters that fully cover the doors when closed provide maximum light blocking.


Look for durable, weather-resistant materials for exterior shutters. Consider easy-care, aesthetically pleasing materials for interior use.


Choose a color and finish that coordinates well with your home’s exterior or interior décor.

Ease of use

Ensure the shutters will be easy to operate, which is essential for interior shutters.


Exterior shutters add a layer of protection against intruders. Ensure they mount securely to the home.


Prices vary based on material and style. Get quotes to find an option that fits your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shutters

1. What are the best shutters for noise reduction?

Solid panel shutters or those with sound-absorbing materials work best to reduce outside noise. Fully closing exterior shutters can also help dampen noise.

Use a soft brush to remove dust from exterior shutters—clean vinyl or aluminum shutters with mild soap and water. Use a wood cleaner and soft cloth on wood interior shutters. Avoid harsh chemicals.

Shutters don’t have to match the doors perfectly, but they should coordinate. Consider matching the trim color or choosing a complementary tone.

Matching the style can also help them appear cohesive. But feel free to add some contrast with the shutters for a more dynamic look.

Enhance Your Sliding Doors With Custom Shutters

Shutters and Home Value What's the Connection

Installing well-chosen shutters for sliding glass doors adds beauty, functionality, and style to any home. With various shutter options to browse, you can find the perfect fit for your needs and décor. Investing in shutters elevates your home’s look and improves privacy, security, and energy efficiency. With the right shutters, you can shade your indoor spaces from harsh light and protect your glass doors from intense weather.

Work with a knowledgeable shutter professional to get the measurements right for a custom look and proper installation. Contact the experts at Made in the Shade Hilton Head today to explore shutter options that are perfect for your home.