Plantation Shutters for Bay Windows Styles and Installation Tips

Plantation Shutters for Bay Windows: Styles and Installation Tips

If you have bay windows in your home, you know that finding the right window treatments can be a challenge. Bay windows’ unique shapes and angles call for a flexible solution like plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are an elegant and versatile choice that can be custom-fitted to accentuate the architecture of your bay windows.

This article will explore the best styles of plantation shutters for bay windows and provide tips on installing them properly. Whether your bay windows face the front street or overlook your backyard, plantation shutters are a timeless option that offers privacy, light control, and a cohesive look.

Shutter Styles for Bay Windows

When selecting plantation shutters for bay windows, you must consider both form and function. Here are some of the most popular bay window shutter styles:


Full Height Shutters

Full-height shutters cover the entire window opening from top to bottom. This style works well for privacy and blackout abilities. Full-height shutters can be closed fully or partially in sections to control light and airflow.

Café-Style Shutters

Café-style shutters only cover the lower half of the window. The shutters are open on the top half to reveal the top portion of the window and allow more light in while maintaining privacy from pedestrians below.

Tier-on-Tier Shutters

Tier-on-tier shutters feature two half-height sections that stack one over the other. The top shutters can be opened independently of the bottom shutters. This style is perfect if you filter light from the top of the window while keeping the bottom shutters closed.

Combination Shutters

For maximum flexibility, consider combining full-height shutters on the front windows with café style shutters on the angled side windows. The mix of shutter heights allows you to control privacy and light from all angles.

Getting the Right Fit

Proper measurement and customization are crucial when installing shutters on bay windows. Here are some tips for achieving the perfect fit:

  • Have an experienced professional take measurements of each angle and window section. This ensures your shutters will fit seamlessly once installed.
  • Opt for movable louver slats. The adjustable slats can be shifted to account for off-angles and irregular spacing.
  • Use wedge-shaped shutters designed specifically for angled window sides. The wedges adapt to the unique dimensions.
  • Allow room for hinges and hardware. Make sure shutters have clearance to open and close properly at each corner.
  • Consider frame-mounted shutters to bypass installation issues on irregular bays. The shutter frames mount directly around the window for a flawless built-in look.

Installation Made Simple

Once you’ve selected the right shutter style for your bay windows, it’s time for installation. Here are some tips for a smooth installation process:

Plantation Shutters for Bay Windows
  • Number each shutter and window section before removing old treatments. This makes re-installation much easier.
  • Remove existing window treatments like curtains or old shutters if needed.
  • Measure each window section again. Confirm the new shutters match the window dimensions.
  • Mount the hinges and frames evenly. Check that each shutter functions properly before moving on.
  • Use wedge-shaped panels or trim filler pieces to account for angled sides. Secure them to match the window edge.
  • Install any divider rails evenly between window sections. Space screw holes no more than 12 inches apart for stability.
  • Maintain an even reveal around the exterior shutter edge for a seamless look.

Frequently Asked Questions About Plantation Shutters for Bay Windows

If you’re new to working with bay windows and plantation shutters, these frequently asked questions can help you make an informed decision:

1. Should shutters fully cover a bay window?

Full coverage with shutters that meet in the corners depends on your goals. For light filtering only, the café style is sufficient. For complete privacy and blackout capability, fully closed full-height shutters are ideal.

Basswood and Poplar wood are good choices for paint-grade shutters. For a stain grade, Red Oak or Maple have attractive grains. Synthetic solid vinyl is also durable and mimics wood shutters at various price points.

Movable louver slats allow you to shift the slats to account for uneven spaces. Filler trim pieces can be secured behind straight shutters to compensate for uneven walls or windows. Frame-mounted shutters are installed around the window edges for a seamless built-in look on uneven bays.

Accentuate Your Bay Windows with Shutters

If you have bay windows, it’s time to accentuate them with plantation shutters. The right shutters can enhance the architectural shape of your bay windows while providing practical benefits like privacy, light control, and an upscale appearance. Now that you know the most flattering shutter styles and have tips for a smooth installation, you can confidently dress your bay windows for long-lasting elegance and functionality.

At Made in the Shade Hilton Head, our experienced team is ready to help you select and install the perfect plantation shutters to enhance your bay windows. Contact us today for a free design consultation and precise measurements. Together, we’ll determine the right mix of materials, colors, and shutter placement tailored to beautifully accentuate your bay windows’ unique angles.

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