Stylish Window Shutters for Small Windows

Stylish Window Shutters for Small Windows

Finding the right window shutters to fit can be challenging if your home has small windows. Smaller window openings call for more precise measurements and often custom-made shutters for the right look and function. Fortunately, many stylish shutter options for small windows can add beauty and practicality. Here, we’ll explore your choices and things to consider when selecting custom shutters for small window openings.

Defining “Small” Windows

First, what qualifies as a “small window?” Sometimes, small windows measure less than 24 inches wide or high. Common small window types are bathroom windows, kitchen windows over sinks, hallway and stairwell windows, accent windows, and windows in doors. Shutters for standard window sizes likely won’t properly fit your small openings. This makes custom-made shutters an ideal choice to maximize style and functionality.

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Shutter Styles for Small Windows

You have several stylish shutter options suitable for small windows, including:

Louvered Shutters 

With adjustable louvers, these traditional shutters allow you to control light and privacy while adding personality. They come in narrow sizes, perfect for small spaces.

Board & Batten Shutters 

These rustic-style shutters feature a frame inset with vertical boards, great for cottage or farmhouse décors.

Bahama Shutters

Stylish accents for an outside mount, these shutters sit above windows to shade from the sun while still allowing airflow.

Café-Style Shutters 

Often bi-folding in design, café shutters cover the bottom portions of windows for privacy with an open, welcoming style.

Customization for the Perfect Fit

Since small windows vary in shape and size, custom-made shutters help solve fitting issues. Custom options include:

  • Getting an exact width and height, which is not available in standard sizes
  • Angled shutters for uniquely shaped windows
  • Coordinated divider rails, allowing shutters to cover two narrow side-by-side windows
  • Built-out shutter frames that sit flush on uneven walls around the window
  • Matching window trim details and colors for a cohesive look

Having your small windows precisely measured ensures the proper fitting of the shutters. Supply those measurements to companies like Made in the Shade in Hilton Head, which specializes in custom shutter fabrication. High-quality basswood shutters built specifically for your small spaces will maximize aesthetics for a lifetime.

Key Considerations for Small Window Shutters

Approaching shutters for small windows comes with unique considerations from a style, functionality, and fabrication standpoint. Keep these tips in mind:

Location Matters

Outside mount versus inside mount impacts clearance needs, especially above and around a window. This influences what shutter types work best based on how they are mounted and function. 

Balance Scale and Proportion

Small windows dotted across a home’s facade lend themselves to shutters sized in proportion. Avoid selecting standard full-height shutters that overwhelm the window itself. Custom small-scale shutters enhance, rather than compete, with petite openings.

Mind the Details

From louver size to frame thicknesses to hardware, small tweaks make big differences on window shutters for small windows. Discriminating fabrication and design choices ensure your compact shutters fit visually and physically.

Frequently Asked Questions about Window Shutters for Small Windows

Do you still have questions about finding the right shutters for small windows? Here are a few common queries with answers:

1. Why invest in custom shutters for my small windows?

Customization ensures properly fitting shutters are sized right for each window. This delivers maximum curb appeal, light control, and privacy compared to generic shutters. It also avoids the tacked-on look of undersized or oversized shutters.

Custom shutter expenses primarily involve precision fabrication rather than installation. Since your shutter dimensions match the windows exactly, mounting custom shutters takes about the same time and cost as pre-made options. Hiring a professional ensures they are hung and function correctly.

Even if shutters seem largely decorative in small spaces, making them operable has benefits. Functional shutters allow you to control privacy and light as needed per window. Plus, closed shutters can mitigate weather factors or boost energy efficiency.

Finding Your Shutter Style Solution for Your Small Windows

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The key to success with compact window shutters lies in embracing customization. Lean into bespoke elements like angled returns, divider rails, exact sizing down, and finish matching. Pair with shades, curtains, or blinds inside to layer your window treatments. This delivers outstanding form and functionality for even the tiniest openings.

Work with window design specialists like the Made in the Shade, Hilton Head team. Our high-quality custom shutters are handcrafted to enhance small spaces. Schedule an at-home design consultation to explore the possibilities. Investing in tailor-made shutters showcases your distinct style while making the most of your petite view spaces. Small custom shutters make a mighty impact when it comes to stylish shade solutions for awkward spots.